Terms and Conditions

Client Terms And Conditions.

Carers must have their own room, television, and WIFI. As minimal condition.

Household insurance must cover carer while there.

All equipment carers are expected to use must be fit for purpose.

If you require the carer to drive, they must be accommodated on your car insurance.

Carers will need to have a break of two hours per day.

Placements over two week will require a longer break, which can be discussed..

A carer having to get up more than once in the night incurs a ten pound charge. Per call.

A travel allowance of upto £40 each way.

You will be invoiced by carer at the end of the week, or at the end of the placement, depending what is agreed  with carer.  On placements longer than a month, invoices to be settled every four week.

You will be invoiced by agency at four weekly Intervals for Management Fees, depending what agreed. Management fees and Vat need to be paid within 7 days of receipt of invoice, or could affect future placements.

Suitably equipped First Aid  box must be available.

Unacceptable behaviour  towards  carer will not be tolerated (ie abuse of a verbal, mental and physical kind) We are here to talk to if you are experiencing problems with your carer.